CFE Schedules and Enrolment

Plan your path to the Common Final Examination (CFE) here. View the schedules for upcoming CFEs and understand the associated fees and policies.

To enrol in CFE, log in to My Portal, select Manage My Journey ► CPA PEP ► Enrol ► Complete enrolment, acknowledgements and applicable declarations.

If you require accommodation, please submit an Accommodation Service Request.

CFE schedules

The CFE is offered twice a year, once in May and once in September. Please see the CPA PEP schedule for module enrolment dates and details.

Plan your path towards the CFE

See when you should take your CPA PEP modules for your desired CFE date. It is recommended that you take Capstone 1 and Capstone 2 immediately before the CFE.

Note: The above are sample paths only and assumes that a student has passed each module on their first attempt and that they are taken sequentially with no breaks between sessions. Students are able to delay enrolment to another term if they wish, and many do due to busy seasonal schedules, but must keep in mind the overall PEP deadlines as noted in Regulation 9-1. The Elective modules are not recommended to be taken at the same time and so have been spread out over two terms.

CFE enrolment and deadline schedule

September CFE 2021

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CFE enrolment opensMay 3, 2021
CFE enrolment closesMay 31, 2021
Accommodation requests deadlineJuly 9, 2021
Withdrawal request deadline100% of fee paid prior to Day 1 of Exam
Transfer examination location deadlineMonday, June 28, 2021
CFE Day 1Monday, September 13, 2021
CFE Day 2Tuesday, September 14, 2021
CFE Day 3Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Remarks deadlineDecember 20, 2021
Results releaseDecember 3, 2021

Writing centre addresses

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TBD until 2022TBD until 2022

If the writing centre you selected is listed as “TBD”, please check the website later for a confirmed examination location.

Location changes

Location changes for the CFE within Ontario can be requested up to 70 days before the CFE, provided there is capacity. There is a $50 + HST fee. You can change your examination centre by logging into My Portal ► Manage My Journey ► select Change Location from the Actions menu.

What you must bring to the examination

Students must bring valid government-issued photo ID to the examination. OHIP cards with photo ID are accepted. OHIP cards without a photo are not accepted. The personal information on the ID must match your student information on file with CPA Ontario or you will not be permitted to write the examination.

Please review the CPA Canada Examination Regulations prior to writing the CFE.

Fees and payment options

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CFE (all three days)$1500
CFE (day one)$650
CFE (day two and day three)$1150

For results remark and Performance Analysis Review fees, please refer to our page.

You can pay your fees using one of the following options:

  • Online payment using VISA, MasterCard or Interac Debit. Confirmation receipts for online payments will be available upon successful payment completion. 

Payment cannot be made with VISA Debit, AMEX, cheque or cash. 

When you enrol, you will be able to select your desired method of payment from the options available:

  • Select NO if you are paying now with Credit Card or Interac.
  • Select YES if your employer will submit payment directly to CPA Ontario at a later date. Please ensure we receive payment within three weeks of the CFE.

If you receive an error message upon payment, do not re-enter your card information. Please contact CPA Ontario for assistance by email or call 1 800 387.0735.

To access your enrolment invoice, select Financial History ► Invoices.

CFE Day 1 cases

The first time a student writes the CFE, they must attempt the Day 1 case that is linked to the Capstone 1 module they completed, provided that case is available on the CFE they attempt.

Below is a summary of the cases that will be offered on the upcoming CFEs.

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Winter 2022May 2022Creative Toys Inc. (version 1)Creative Toys Inc. (version 1)
Winter 2021/Spring 2021September 2022Waste Disposal Inc. (version 3) 

Waste Disposal Inc. (version 3)


CanDo Fitness (version 1)
Spring 2022September 2022CanDo Fitness (version 1)

Waste Disposal Inc. (version 3)


CanDo Fitness (version 1)

If you took Capstone 1 as part of an accredited program, you must complete the Day 1 case linked to the Capstone 1 module you completed, provided that case is available on the CFE you attempt.

Please note that the version of the Day 1 case (i.e. version 1 or version 2) is not a reflection of the difficulty level of the CFE question. Each version simply presents a unique scenario related to the Capstone 1 case for students to analyze. All CFE marking is calibrated by the Board of Evaluators to ensure there is consistency and fairness across the various offerings of the examination.

CFE Day 2 elective depth role

Your elective depth role is evaluated during Day 2 of the CFE. There are four elective depth roles available:

  • Assurance*
  • Finance
  • Performance Management
  • Taxation
Find more information here on choosing your elective depth role.

It is recommended that your depth role be one of the two elective modules that you completed during the PEP program.

*If you wish to pursue a Public Accounting Licence (PAL) you must select Assurance as your Depth role.

Withdrawal policy

You cannot defer the CFE. Instead, you will need to withdraw and enrol in a future offering.  

If you withdraw in advance of Day 1 and do not attend the CFE, this is not considered an attempt.

If you attend Day 1, then withdraw and do not attend Days 2 and 3, it will be considered an attempt for all three days.

No refund, or partial refund, will be available unless you provide documentation of extreme circumstances (e.g. car accident on the day of the examination, hospitalization, etc.). Please contact us if this is the case.

To withdraw from CFE, log in to My Portal, select Manage My Journey ► CPA PEP ► Actions ► select Withdrawal

Refunds are issued within four to six weeks.