Preparatory Examinations

CPA Ontario offers five preparatory examination dates per year that best meet your schedule. Ensure you enrol for your examination within 12 months of your preparatory course enrolment.

Students are permitted three attempts to pass a CPA preparatory course successfully. Students who are unsuccessful with a course after three attempts must complete the requirements through a post-secondary institution and complete a transcript reassessment. Students can choose to pursue other CPA preparatory courses during this time.

Review the preparatory course schedule for examination dates.

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Key information

Remote examinations

The 2022 Semester 1 CPA preparatory course assessments (taking place from January 25 – February 4, 2022) will be delivered remotely. Please periodically check back to our website and schedule for any changes. Review the course syllabus (download) for information on each course’s examination approach.

Students will write their examinations at home using their own computers on the evaluation dates and times specified . The assessments will be administered through D2L. To prepare to write your assessment, ensure that you have:

  • reliable internet access
  • word processor (i.e. “.docx” format) and spreadsheet (i.e. ".xlsx” format) applications installed on your computer
  • the hardware, operating, software and other computer requirements specified in the Learning management system and computer requirements section of the CPA Canada Preparatory Courses Student Guide (download)

For more details on using Brightspace (D2L), visit our enrolment page.

In-person examinations

The profession has decided that it can begin planning in-person examinations starting in March 2022. This means that the 2022 Semester 2 CPA preparatory course examinations (taking place in April 2022) will likely take place in-person at exam writing centres across Canada. With the exception of following additional health and safety protocols, these in-person examinations are similar to how exams were held before the pandemic. More information on the examination schedule, format, and regulations will be available in January 2022.

Exam centres are expected to be located in the following cities in Ontario:

  • Hamilton
  • London
  • Windsor
  • Kingston
  • Sault Ste. Marie
  • Sudbury
  • Timmins
  • Thunder Bay
  • Toronto
  • Ottawa

To write the examinations, we anticipate students will be required to provide proof of vaccination with a Health Canada-approved vaccine or combination of approved vaccines, with the final dose of the vaccine having been administered no later than two weeks prior to the examination. Proof of final vaccination or confirmation of a medical exemption will be required. These requirements are subject to any changes resulting from new public health orders or further requirements set by exam writing centres. More information on the health and safety protocols leading up to, and in effect for, the 2022 examinations will be available prior to the examination dates.

The profession continues to monitor the public health situation across Canada. Should we need to revert to remote examinations for the 2022 Semester 2 examinations we will notify writers as soon as possible.

Examination withdrawals

Students are no longer able to defer a preparatory examination. If you have completed the required course activities but wish to take the examination at a future offering, you must withdraw from the examination. When you are ready to take the examination within the 12-month eligibility period, you must enrol in the examination again.

Examination fees will have an 80 per cent refund if the withdrawal is more than 14 days before the examination date. Any examination withdrawals within 14 days of the examination date will have a $0 refund.

Students who withdraw from a course and are enrolled in the corresponding examination will automatically be withdrawn from that examination. 

Students may withdraw from a preparatory course or examination by going to My Portal, selecting Manage My Journey ► Actions for the course or examination ► Withdraw. By completing a withdrawal, students accept the terms laid out in the refund policy.

Examination re-marks

Students who are unsuccessful at passing a core course may submit a request for re-mark of their examination results. You must request a re-mark within three business days of the final results release. Your request can be completed by logging into My Portal, selecting Obligations & Requests ► Student Requests ► Exam Re-marks and Performance Analysis Review (PAR).

A fee of $100 + HST applies for all re-marks. Re-marks take approximately 10 business days. If it is successful, the fee will be refunded.

Non-core examination re-mark requests are temporarily permitted while the examinations are administered remotely.

Examination rewrites

If your minimum grade is inadequate for a successful pass (60 per cent for core courses), you may be eligible to rewrite the examination in order to increase your final grade.

Only students who receive a final grade of 49.5 to 59.4 per cent in core courses are eligible to rewrite the examination. Eligible students can enrol in the rewrite examination by logging into My Portal. The rewrite examination counts as a course attempt. Students who are unsuccessful at the rewrite examination for their second-course attempt will need to retake the full course. An examination re-write costs $200 + HST.

Note: Rewrite examinations are not deferrable. If a student does not attempt the rewrite examination in the semester immediately following the original attempt, they must attempt the entire course again.

A student who is unsuccessful on the first attempt in a core course with a mark of less than 49.5 per cent must retake the full course before a second attempt at the examination is permitted.

A student who is unsuccessful in a non-core course must repeat the entire course before attempting the examination again.

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